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Soaren Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Peak Servicing, LLC, provides customer-centric financial products and services via proprietary underwriting and loan management systems. We offer customized portfolio management, software development, customer service telecommunications, automated application processing, and asset recovery services.

In short, we are a Fintech company that helps lenders service the complete life cycle of their short-term loans. From lead qualification to collecting past-due payments, we can handle every human and automated contact needed to service our clients’ financial products.


Soaren files articles of organization in April. Client portfolios are launched in June.

Launched rewards program for client portfolios. On-boarded additional portfolios. Phoenix and Las Vegas offices are expanded.

Proprietary algorithms are added to underwriting protocols. Las Vegas location is further expanded. Phoenix office is relocated.

Additional portfolios are on-boarded. Clients’ loan management systems are migrated to a proprietary platform. Employment levels nearly double.

Expanded client base by 25%. All clients now on proprietary platform, which lead to doubling growth and over 350 employees. Purchased new corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ.

Core Departments

Engineering is responsible for building our internal and external systems to facilitate business processes. Our team's main objective is to allow the business to operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while also driving the abilities of the business.

Soaren Management has a robust team of Financial and Accounting professionals.  From reconciliation to forecasting, our team is laser-focused on providing accurate and timely reporting to all stakeholders.

Centered in our Las Vegas office,  Operation’s focus is to ensure our customers and our employees are happy with their Soaren Management experience.

Marketing builds digital messaging strategies for both operational and promotional communications. The Marketing Department’s main objective is to improve our clients’ profitability by building positive brand equity, boosting website traffic, improving user experience, and increasing conversions

We analyze, process, and build predictions using data, algorithms, and machine learning models to create actionable insights for Underwriting, Marketing, and Operations.

Exceptional Growth

Since our inception in 2015, Soaren Management has been on a forward trajectory. We are growing quickly, innovating at a frantic pace, and have no plans for becoming complacent with our success.


“Soaren only moves forward when our employees move with us.”

Andrew Dunn, CEO

Scottsdale, AZ Office

Las Vegas, NV Office

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